Polling Data Points to Landslide Karzai ‘Win’ | WHAT REALLY HAPPENED

Polling Data Points to Landslide Karzai ‘Win’

Though the official results won’t be released for weeks, the raw polling station data being collected by media outlets and observers has incumbent Afghan President Hamid Karzai winning reelection in Thursday’s disputed election with an enormous margin of 72 percent to 23 percent over principal rival Abdullah Abdullah.

Official preliminary results are expected to be available in early September, with final results coming some time after that. Though the Independent Election Commission is theoretically in charge of overseeing the disputed vote, it should be noted they are appointed entirely by the incumbent president.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

This was not an election; it was dramatic theatre, made to appear to be an election, when what actually happened was the re-appointment of the American-installed puppet to the presidency in Afghanistan.

And the biggest losers in this election were Afghan women, whose lot is now far more miserable, over all, than before the US and NATO attacked and occupied Afghanistan all those 8 years ago.