Praise G-d: Muslim Spy Ring Smashed | WHAT REALLY HAPPENED

Praise G-d: Muslim Spy Ring Smashed

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Hisham Hariri Abdul-Al-Abdul, writing in today’s edition of Ayrab News, has quite a scoop that no doubt will soon be covered in the Jerusalem Washington New York Times Post. It turns out that Congresswoman Jenin Hurani [Labor, New York] was overheard by Israeli intelligence speaking with a suspected agent of Syria known as Jihad Abdul, the chair of the American Islamofascist Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC). Jihad told Jenin Hurani that if she would use her influence to have charges dropped against Jihad Johnny he would have Prince Bender bin Insult contribute to her upcoming campaign against Ehud Barruch Shlomo Avigdor . He also said he would use his influence with the Islamofascist lobby in Washington to help her get the Chairmanship of the House Corruption Committee where she would be able to oversea all corruption engaged in by the members of the House of Representatives.