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Professor Ends Standoff Over Sexual Harassment Training

Nevertheless, the dispute highlights the passivity with which most people accept veiled Communist-style political education, a form of control bound to increase as Castro, Chavez, Obama and Medvedev declare their common pedigree.

Although he has 30 years of service and tenure, McPherson was suspended from supervisory duties and threatened with loss of his $150,000 salary, proof that this program is a way of asserting political control over senior state employees.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

The issue here is that the professor was not accused of sexual harassment. He was simply ordered to undergo the required political indoctrination because of politics.

Truth is, these things are a matter of fashion. When I worked in Europe, women in the office place expected flirtation, and indeed would presume something was wrong if they did not get it! It was far more pleasant and relaxed for everyone in that environment. Work is stressful enough without trying to impose a load of unrealistic expectations on people. That is how postal workers go postal!

And sometimes I have to wonder if the blather about sexual harassment isn't out of jealousy, because the women screaming most about sexual harassment are women you would not want to approach anyway!

One final note. In the run-up to WW2, Nazi Germany imposed strict rules of conduct on people, discouraging sexuality as an outlet, in order to build the stress level in the population up to war fever levels. I have to wonder if the militant feminists are not serving the same function in the US along with creating the impression that men as a whole are disposable and therefore easily sent off to war.