Propaganda from the Pulpit: Government Talking Points | WHAT REALLY HAPPENED

Propaganda from the Pulpit: Government Talking Points

"Government Talking Points" is the first installment in a series of short videos, which illustrate the history of government infiltration into church administration, teaching, etc.

Historical points covered in this installment include:

  • "Clergy Response Team" program under INFRAGUARD (an FBI program) as reported by KSLA;
  • African-American churches promoting abortion and eugenics under the auspices of Rockefeller-funded Planned Parenthood;
  • Jesse Jackson selling out to the Democratic Party in order to facilitate his Presidential run;
  • A pastor who trained Russian defectors during the Cold War under a CIA program;
  • A CIA letter-writing campaign using New York's Catholic churches and Italian-American communities to turn political opinion against Italy's communist party;
  • An Ohio pastor exposes an allegedly-independent survey of non-denominational pastors, which assesses said pastors leadership abilities; he also tells of a pastor friend who received federal funds in order to start a church of his own;
  • Radio host, Alex Jones, discusses his parents' Methodist church and its sudden and dramatic change in political leanings.
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