Protesters take over grounds of Hawaiian palace | WHAT REALLY HAPPENED

Protesters take over grounds of Hawaiian palace

"We're going to be here for a while. Four days, five days, a week. A while. As long as it takes," one of the men posting the signs told the Advertiser. He declined to give his name.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

This is NOT the same group that has been peacefully occupying the grounds of the palace these last few months. And frankly, I find is suspicious that just as the peaceful sovereignty groups are starting to gain public support these new guys show up and act in a manner clearly intended to create hostility and anger, both for roughing up one of the palace workers and the attempt to have their "King" sit on the throne.

The reason the latter is an issue is that the throne is, of course, an antique. It dates back to the reign of Hawaii's last two elected Kings. A few years back a local politician wanted to have her photo taken while seated on the throne and in the process, the fragile brocade cover was torn, and a public uproar ensued. Clearly this new King cannot sit on the throne without causing even more damage, an incident while will further anger the Hawaiian people against this group and their actions.

This comes across as a COINTELPRO style op, intended to destroy sympathy for the Hawaiian people at a time when it is becoming widely accepted that Hawaii was stolen from her people and that serious legal questions exist regarding her statehood.