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Putin Has It Right: Obama is Pushing Thermonuclear Armageddon

Russian President Vladimir Putin addressed the opening of a conference of defense ministry and military industrial leaders in Sochi on Tuesday, and warned, in pointed language, that President Barack Obama's policies are driving the world towards thermonuclear extinction in the very near term. In effect, Putin offered the most air-tight argument for why the President of the United States must be removed from office now.
This is the same Barack Obama whose signature foreign policy "success" has been the drone mass-kill program, under which an unknown number of innocent civilians have been killed, only to be posthumously classified as "enemies killed in action," or, more simply, as "collateral damage." In discussion with colleagues from his Policy Committee on Wednesday, Lyndon LaRouche drew a clear line in the sand between genuine human beings and monsters, like Obama, who have no capacity for agape, and thus lack the human emotional qualities that distinguish man from beast. LaRouche noted that California Governor Jerry Brown has the same character as Obama, completely removed from any concept of agape.

Even if thermonuclear Armageddon can be avoided in the near-term, Obama's seven years in office, following eight years of Bush-Cheney, have seen a total disintegration of the conditions of life for the vast majority of Americans.