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Putin should Interview Palin

So two weeks after her announcement as VP for McCain, Sarah Palin finally gave her first media interview to the softball Charlie Gibson. Did you see it? Unbelievable. Even Charlie Gibson, one of the most kids glove interviewers out there (he makes Larry King look tough) made Palin look like a moose in the headlights.

But enough about the actual interview. The real issue is that it took so long for her first interview to happen and that it was with one of the easiest interviewers around.

Why so long? Because John McCain does not think the media treats Palin with enough respect or deference. Even if that were true the media was not playing nice with Palin (it is not), she would face much worse as VP. So McCain’s line of reasoning is utterly ridiculous. What is this, some kind of ‘I’m goning to pick up my marbles and go home’ hissy-fit?

Well, I think the Democrats ought to retort that if McCain is so concerned about Palin not being treated with enough deference, he ought to let Vladimir Putin interview her. Or Hugo Chavez. Maybe Kim Jon Il. How bout that dude from Iran whose name no one can pronounce? Yeah, those guys. I wonder how many of them will treat her with deference or respect?

If McCain thinks Palin is a delicate flower who cannot handle Wolf Blitzer, is she ready to handle negotiating with Mugabe? Or for that matter, Nancy Pelosi?

Seriously. If you cannot stand the heat get out of the VP slot.