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The quiet threat inside ‘internet of things’ devices

The number of these “internet of things” devices is climbing into the tens of billions. They’re creating an interconnected world with the potential to make people’s lives more enjoyable, productive, secure and efficient. But those very same devices, many of which have no real security protections, are also becoming part of what are called “botnets,” vast networks of tiny computers vulnerable to hijacking by hackers.

Botnets have caused problems on the internet, from sending vast amounts of spam mail to disrupting websites around the world. While traditionally most botnets are comprised of laptop and desktop computers, the growth of unsecured devices such as industrial sensors, webcams, televisions and other smart home devices is leading to a growing disruptive capability.


Let me see if I got this Internet Of Things right.


My computer (like any other) is plagued by oft catastrophic OS updates, harebrained copy protection schemes, malware, program conflicts, failing hardware parts and a host of similar unfinished ends.

Every few weeks it stops working. So let's put computers into everything from my toaster to my light switch too so that something crashes every day. What a brilliant idea! Why I didn't think of this?