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A Rapprochement Or Just Wishful Thinking?

The current jockeying by potential candidates for the 2016 presidential elections is a perfect example of how true national interests are sacrificed for the sake of personal gains.

Iran could prove to be a powerful strategic partner to the United States, as long as its independence and regional influence are not threatened.

Relying on the mainstream American media, a clueless public has been shepherded to regard Iran as a rogue state that intends to gain access to nuclear weapons in order to destroy its arch enemy, the innocent, peace-loving, little Israel, and to threaten Europe and America, rule over the oil-rich Middle East and begin blackmailing the civilized West. Although a slight majority in America favors negotiations over an outright war with Iran, they do so in order, so they believe, to postpone Iran’s acquisition of the nuclear weapons long enough to give time to bring about a desired change in the rogue and irresponsible clerical regime. At the same time, this same blindfolded public seems to have no problem with the only true rogue regional state, the trigger-happy Israel, with its large arsenal of ready-to-launch nuclear weapons and a history of repeated transgressions against other regional states.