Wikileaks, Legitimate Whistleblowers or CointelPro? | WHAT REALLY HAPPENED

Wikileaks, Legitimate Whistleblowers or CointelPro?

With the new release of documents by Wikileaks, it has once again brought their credibly into question. That being said, it is well documented that the so called leaked documents have done absolutely nothing but further the goals of the establishment.

Wikileaks and their founder, Julian Assange have been the focus of intense media scrutiny for what has been dubbed the “New Pentagon Papers.” With all the attention focused on how they received the information and what it means, most media outlets have overlooked some very important questions. Who is Julian Assange and how has Wikileaks managed to out run both the CIA and NSA? Why has the world elite stood by and let a group fronted by a former hacker release information that is perceived to damage them? Is it possible that Wikileaks has been set up as a shill group, used to spread misinformation
on a massive scale?

The most scary aspect of this whole psi op is the fact that there is now an open call to ban whistleblowers and in extremely instances execute them! Republican Congressman Mike Rogers has openly declared that all whistleblowers should be tried for treason and then executed. Rogers strongly indicated that Daniel Ellsberg, who released the Pentagon Papers, should have been executed when he released his classified information on the history of the United States political and military involvement in Vietnam.