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Reality Check: Where are the world's nuclear weapons?

The Pentagon has outlined how it wants to revamp the US nuclear arsenal, and develop new low-yield bombs, largely in response to the threat from Russia.

While the global stockpile of nuclear weapons has shrunk significantly since the Cold War, there are hundreds of warheads that could be launched at short notice, and experts say every nuclear-armed nation is modernising its arsenal or has plans to do so.

Countries keep most details of their nuclear weapons secret, but it is known that nine countries own the estimated more than 9,000 nuclear weapons that are in military service. These are either deployed - mounted on land or sea missiles and kept at air bases - or in storage. About 1800 are on high alert and could be fired with little warning.

The US and Russia own the vast majority of the world's nuclear weapons.


(*Sighting the Democrats softer stance is misleading . Seeing the establishments outsider , once again throwing the lever on something none of them would want their own fingerprints on is what should come to mind everytime Trump's posture is compared to Obama's.)