Rice may have admitted to conspiracy, former Nixon counsel says | WHAT REALLY HAPPENED

Rice may have admitted to conspiracy, former Nixon counsel says

“She tried to say she didn’t authorize anything, then proceeded to say she did pass orders along to the CIA to engage in torture if it was legal by the standard of the Department of Justice,” Dean said. “This really puts her right in the middle of a common plan, as it’s known in international law, or a conspiracy, as it’s known in American law, and this indeed is a crime. If it indeed happened the way we think it did happen.”

Asked if the comparison between her comments and Nixon’s were fair, Dean said it was “fuzzy.”

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Nixon's comment and Bush's apparent use of it rests on the claim of Sovereign Immunity; the idea that a ruler is indeed above the law. Sovereign Immunity was created originally by the church (along with Papal Infallibility) back in the middle ages, and it has become an implied part of English Common law. BUT, and this is the important part, Sovereign Immunity is not in the Constitution, and while Presidents try to imply that they are indeed sovereigns, they are actually executives, which is not the same thing. This has not stopped the DOJ from invoking Sovereign Immunity, sometimes with success, to block invest9igatrion of government wrongdoing.