Rich Americans Flock To Caribbean Ahead Of US Presidential Election Turmoil  | WHAT REALLY HAPPENED

Rich Americans Flock To Caribbean Ahead Of US Presidential Election Turmoil 

Wealthy Americans aren't just fleeing big cities for rural communities amid the virus pandemic, social unrest, and surge in violent crime; some of these folks are leaving the country until the dust settles. Citizenship advisers, government agencies, and real estate developers are pointing out a surge in inbound migration flow of Americans to countries in the Caribbean Sea ahead of the US presidential election.

Forbes spoke with Mohammed Asaria, whose Range Developments is constructing six new Senses resorts in Grenada, said Americans are flocking to the Caribbean as a means to 'hideout' from the socio-economic implosion stateside.

"You've got the election coming. That's number one. You've had Covid and certain places in the U.S. have been challenged through that, and more working remotely," Asaria said.

Requests for long-term stays at Secret Bay in Dominica have soared 66% this year as Americans seek isolation in the mountainous Caribbean island nation.

"It’s the first time the U.S. has gone through a period like this and it's not just the Covid-19 situation," Gregor Nassief, its owner, told Forbes. "It is the fear of what an extreme outcome on the left or right may look like after the presidential election."

Webmaster's Commentary: 

YIKES!!! But looking at what the US has been subjected to, since President Trump became our President, can you blame them?!?

The general ugliness and outrage, translated into looting, arson, and personal physical attacks, and even murders, orchestrated by the people who want to see this behaviour happen, has made the country of my birth almost unrecognizable.