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Robertson: Nuke strikes in US after the election

"His off-the-wall predictions and bizarre statements tar all fundamental Christians with an extreme brush," said Rob Boston with Americans United for Separation of Church and State, in a published report. "I guess he believes he has a direct pipeline to God. Given the number of false predictions he's given, I might question who's at the other end of that pipeline."

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Robertson seems to wall himself further and further away from relevance and reality with each new "prophecy" he utters. That anyone actually believes him, at this point, does not speak well for the state of human intelligence.

And yes, Israel could try something stupid between this election and the inauguration, and attempt to knock out Iran's nuclear capabilities. But there are three critical problems with this.

First, Israeli Foreign Minister Tzipi Livni has so far been unable to form a new coalition government, so elections are very probably coming soon in Israel, due to the resignation of the disgraced Olmert.

She has 42 days to do this (and those 42 days started on 22 September of this year). If they are not able to form a coalition government, elections will have to be held, leaving the Israeli leadership effectively rudderless during that time.

Second, Israel can start such an attack, but cannot finish it without US military assistance. Every dispassionate military analyst who has looked at this issue offers pretty much the same scenario.

And third, just how will Russia react to an attack on one of its largest trading partner?? And right now, a resurgent Russia is the 9,000 lb gorilla in the living room, sitting on the Steinway, which no one wants to talk about.