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Ron Paul on Trump vs The NFL – The Right To Protest

Do NFL players have the “right” to protest against the national anthem on the playing field? Should Trump’s demand that anyone who does not stand should be fired? What about the owners? And what about the millions the Defense Department sent the NFL to militarize the sporting events ? Our take in today’s Ron Paul Liberty Report:


This isn't really about the right to....

Ethan Allen and...

protest.It's about how a bunch of low IQ high violence jocks outraged the sensibilities of the people who pay their salaries. Smooth move morons.
All lives matter. The cops kill more whites and are more likely to kill whites according to studies.American Indians hold the spot for highest per capita deaths at the hands of the police. These teams and owners need to put pressure on local DA's and Judges in the case of police murder of citizens. The cops job is to bring people in for their due process rights not execute everybody that the little cowards are afraid of.
And they need to cut out demonstrations that dishonor the flag and National Anthem while they are on the job with a pissed off captive audience. Fixing games and allowing team mates to be hurt will finish off the NFL.