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Rubino: Three Things That Will Definitely Happen In 2019

3. Politics will get even crazier
This is the easiest prediction in the history of predicting. The US just handed the House of Representatives to Democrats who have been itching to destroy the president for two interminable years. Given a chance to make those dreams a reality, the Dems will throw everything in the political dirty tricks handbook at the executive branch. The result: something much worse than gridlock. Let’s call it “chaos” until the media coins catchier term.

Across the pond, Brexit is looking decidedly “hard,” meaning the UK just leaves the EU and lets the lawyers sort out who owes what to whom and who gets to go where when.

The French government’s promise of deficits that blow through the EU’s limits, meanwhile, presents Continental bureaucrats with a dilemma: Let France get away with it, which also means letting Italy and every other dysfunctional European country do whatever they want. Or stop France and open a possibly irreparable rift between the EU’s major powers.

And this is all happening with German Chancellor Angela Merkel a lame duck and no clear replacement in sight — and with the far right ascendant.

As for Latin America, just Google Brazil, Argentina or Venezuela and see what their 2019 looks like.