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Russia urges US comment on reports of fatal Syria mosque strike

The Russian Defense Ministry has urged a comment from the US after photos of a purported US missile fragment found in the rubble of a bombed Syrian mosque emerged online. The Pentagon denies that their forces hit the mosque.
“A photo showing a fragment of an air-to-surface AGM-114 Hellfire missile has emerged. It leaves no chance for the US-led coalition to remain silent as usual and for diplomats to spout anti-Russian rhetoric,” Major-General Igor Konashenkov said Friday.

A general view shows the debris following a reported airstrike on a mosque in the village of Al-Jineh in Aleppo province, March 16, 2017.

The airstrike on a mosque in Syria’s Aleppo province happened overnight into Friday, March 17. At least 40 civilians are feared killed.

“I think we should expect comments from the US partners anytime soon,” Konashenkov noted.

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Absoflippinglutely unbelievable!!

I am having a palm to forehead moment at warp speed, upon reading this!!

Additionally, there is even further damning evidence of potential US military complicity in this bombing from on the incident:

Pentagon Denies Bombing Syrian Mosque, But Its Own Photo May Prove That It Did


I got your comment , RIGHT HERE


(*I know , I'm breaking the one hundred day rule .
We point fingers at the democrat minority , back stabbing members of the republican party , back stabbing members of his own cabinet , hostile members of liberal press , bad advisors , and his back stabbing , naturally , generals on the ground
Maybe we should add the crew that made all those fake bin Laden video tapes

, because that's one heck of an edit , huh ? It looks like his mouth is really moving to form those words , and the voice over is identical to the potus' own . AND amazingly they seamlessly got the croud applause sound effect to sound as though his supporters approved . )

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