Scott Adams: Best Week Ever for President Trump, Maybe the Country? | WHAT REALLY HAPPENED

Scott Adams: Best Week Ever for President Trump, Maybe the Country?

GREAT news week for President Trump, and America
Montana’s successful capitalism test for healthcare cost reduction
Gavin Newsome likes President Trump’s opportunity zones
CNN study, 34% of Latinos support President Trump
“Mr. Kellyanne Conway” gets mocked by Brad Parscale, President Trump
Beto is too busy running for President to help raise his own kids?
ADL, a left leaning org, finds right-wing extremism has DECREASED
Elizabeth Warren, supports reparations for black people
“Sonic weapon”, does it exist? Lots of people believe it exists
Nunes lawsuit against Twitter
Mass murder by gun: How many were by NRA members? NONE
Gun added to drone stories are beginning
2020 Presidential Prediction: LANDSLIDE for President Trump
“Socialism is Risky” is a kill shot that guarantees re-election
We discuss what products do for us, like efficiency, functionality
Uber is brilliant, SEEING your drivers location, can text them
DoorDash has similar great feature tracking arrival of your food
WhenHub Approach has peer to peer version of this function
Meeting attendees, how soon will each arrive?
Dinner with friends or family, are they on their way?
No need to call or text while they’re driving,
Just check WhenHub Approach for location

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