Scott Adams: Biden, Impeachment Fantasies, Student Loans, Healthcare | WHAT REALLY HAPPENED

Scott Adams: Biden, Impeachment Fantasies, Student Loans, Healthcare

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Democrats trying to get ahold of President Trump’s tax returns
They say just ensuring the IRS is doing its job
Does that pass ANYONE’S sniff test?
Health & Humans Services isn’t good at explaining anything, but…
…they might be testing various healthcare solutions
A+ to our government for small scale A-B testing
Senator Warren wants to eliminate unpaid student debt
Climate Change debate update
The infamous Climate-gate email
Consider me your hoax sniffing service animal
Bernie wants convicts in prison to have voting rights
Should the Boston Marathon bombers get to vote?
Murderers and other heinous people allowed to vote?
“Roadmap to Impeachment” claims by Dems and fake news media
NOBODY has stated anything impeachable, why not?
Is following the advice of your lawyer illegal now?
“They investigated 10 things”…yeah, and all were found legal
Get the press to state ONE, the most impeachable offense
Don’t Accept: “One reason? There’s ten reasons!”
Okay…name one, just one, your best example


Aren't The Dems Awesome ?


(*They're worth every penny . They don't run out of silly s**t to say , and just like feeding chickens todays news is made , while the really sketchy stuff gets by people , who might not be as blase' about it if they knew what was going on , and frankly throughout what has passed so far from The Trump Era , there has been a concerted effort to shield the public from that information . Just another sunny day , and another coloring book name , and veiled threats to his nations blue states . What Gives ?
I'll bet Hillary and Obama Slapped each other Five , and simultaneously said "Got'Chya!" when they said whatever it was instead of Christians , that got everybody cackling , and Netanyahu conference called the both of them for their next move , and gave Trump a stand down order , for good measure !
Why Nor ? Who knows what the 'F' is really going on ?)