Scott Adams China Trade, AOC, Government by Torture, Climate Change Challenge | WHAT REALLY HAPPENED

Scott Adams China Trade, AOC, Government by Torture, Climate Change Challenge

A shutdown is a way to torture random government employees
The winner is the side willing to torture them longer
CNN pundit angrily declaring “walls don’t work”
Rule of Life: Friction ALWAYS works
Who will say it first?
Politicians provide budgets, that’s their job
Engineers decide what’s needed
What will happen to stocks, once China trade deal is set?
Climate sides both talk in isolation, never debate each other
The two sides aren’t disagreeing with each other
They’re talking about different things
Tony Heller talks about unaddressed skepticism
Temp data has been rigged, fudged
Historical records disagree with climate data
Why isn’t anyone challenging him, is he correct?
97% of climate scientists are all on the same side
That’s spin, 97% agree on specific components
Obama’s Ambassador to Syria…
President Trump is probably doing the right thing
Turks are a threat to the Kurds, but…
Kurds are in diplomatic contact with Syrian government
Kurds are in diplomatic contact with the Russians
Israel will have more options in Syria once US is gone
Do they have different rules of engagement?
Maybe the US just needs to get out of their way?
North Korea hasn’t given up their nukes
So what? The US hasn’t given up anything major either
Negotiation process is for both to give up something major
Everything that matters is trending in a good direction
The 3 countries with the most to gain from getting along
United States, Russia, China
We are NOT natural enemies
Only psychology and history maintains our screwing each other

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