Scott Adams: China Trade Deal, GND, Apology Tours, String Theory, Boycotts, and Healthcare | WHAT REALLY HAPPENED

Scott Adams: China Trade Deal, GND, Apology Tours, String Theory, Boycotts, and Healthcare

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American press business model almost destroyed America
Their business model profits from driving people apart
Press taking another run at destroying the world, climate change
Why is the press ignoring Gen IV nuclear development
President Trump might embrace Gen IV
Senator Lamar Alexander “Manhattan Project for Clean Energy”
Tucker says GND is really just a centralized power grab
Where’s the connective tissue proving this is their intention?
Huge claim with NO evidence to support it
“Slaughter Meter”, election results if election was held today
Meter has dropped from pegged to only 50% today
Healthcare is the hardest topic, and there’s no real movement
Nobody fully understands the healthcare
Democrat proposal for simple solution healthcare
Governmental competitive healthcare plan
Don Lemon hilariously complaining about to much Dem apologizing
Apologizing makes you weak…and Trump doesn’t do it?
Demanding apologies for even the smallest of infractions
Lupita Nyong’o is apologizing effectively, acceptably
We should stop judging people by their mistakes
We should judge based on their response to mistake
George Clooney wants boycott of hotels owned by Sultan for Sharia law
Bill Maher argues against boycotts
Boycotts are like a virus, everyone becomes infected, affected
Spam Killing apps for your phone works…try one
NO evidence of Trump misdeeds in Mueller report?
Evidence, confirmation bias, coincidence…all look the same
Odds of something, anything substantial
Fine was over $100 million dollars
Do scientists routinely fake scientific results…for grant money?
Duke scientists committed criminal fraud…repeatedly?
Gravity might be an illusion per results of scientific experiments
Competing Hypothesis for The Theory of Everything
Sim theory hypothesis for an expanding universe
Greatly simplifies the programming code required