Scott Adams: Iranian Sanctions, Free College, 2020, Climate Credibility | WHAT REALLY HAPPENED

Scott Adams: Iranian Sanctions, Free College, 2020, Climate Credibility

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Poll of Democrat activists says they support Kamala Harris
Poll of the public shows Biden at 30%, Harris 8.5%
Who will win the Dem nomination, activists or the public?
Iran deal cancelled a long time ago…no known repercussions
John Stossel’s support for SAFE Gen IV nuclear power
Whether or not climate change is real, SAFE Gen IV needed
“Peak Oil” concept from the 1970s created the green community
Peak oil worries went away because of new oil technology
Green community pivoted to continue justifying their existence
Now…green energy needed because of climate change
Audience call, topic: Tell me something you think we disagree on
Transgender athletes dominating on women’s teams
“Easter Worshippers” reference by Obama, Hillary and others
Who should make a life/death decision, mother, doctor, government?
Freedom means the right to choose…possibly in ways others wouldn’t
Freedom guarantees SOME people will abuse that freedom
Doctor’s orders to someone I know personally
Stop watching the news
Her life improved, she was happier
President Trump’s Tweet about impeachment when the OTHER SIDE committed the crimes and attempted to overthrow the government