Scott Adams: Russia, DeBlaisio, Gabbard, Jeff Bozo, FBI | WHAT REALLY HAPPENED

Scott Adams: Russia, DeBlaisio, Gabbard, Jeff Bozo, FBI

Jeff Bozo and the President’s tweets
NYC Mayor De Blazio instituting universal health care
Gavin Newsome working on it also for California
Important, whether it works out or not
Russian collusion outcome seems obvious
Both sides will claim they were right all along
Eric Swalwell on taking interpreters notes
Destroying evidence indicates guilt
Hmm…Hillary destroyed evidence
Eric Swalwell requesting someone prove a negative
Is he assuming his followers are stupid?
FBI motivation, investigating President Trump…was vengeance
Is there evidence of that, or is it mind reading?
Will Tulsi Gabbard be the 2020 Democrat candidate?
Simple answer, how is CNN framing her?
Watch for who CNN coverage anoints
President Trump taking interpreters Putin meeting notes
Any chance Mueller hasn’t already talked to interpreter?
Big news if he has or hasn’t talked to him
No leaks or actions by Mueller if something found?
Good reasons President Trump took interpreters notes
Was he smart to do it, or very smart to do it?
Critics say FBI started investigation of President without cause
Strozk himself said “no there, there”
Expected value calculations
Climate change people and skeptics both shoveling some BS
Looking at the BS on both sides for popular arguments
Can scientists really measure the temperature of entire world?
Can they measure the temperature of all oceans?
Validation of imprecise measurement techniques…
…by other imprecise measurement techniques?
10 Startups have funding for fusion power development
Extremely smart people are in those startups
Odds that none of the 10 will create an economic power source?

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