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Scott Adams Talks about Dear Diary, Rpos, and Climate Change Persuasion.

Jim Acosta became America’s piñata yesterday
He stood in front of the wall and said no problems here!
President tweets reply to Acosta, “Dear Diary”
CNN contacted San Diego station KUSI for anti-wall content
KUSI is pro-wall, CNN decided not to use their content?
Fentanyl deaths are being compared to Viet Nam war deaths
The border debate is bringing the country together
Average person knowledge of the issue increasing
Border arguments from both sides…without the politics
Drugs, crime, numbers of crimes versus rate percentage
VISA overstays
Why are there gaps in parts of the scientists climate change stance?
The historical data used in the hockey stick graph
It shows an earlier point, before CO2, same hockey stick
ClimateGate emails are a conspiracy theory, completely debunked
Data discrepancies from the past, tree ring experts and proxies
From 1960 to present, tree rings don’t track temperatures
Tree ring data was good in the past…but not now?
Challenge responses about William Happer’s claims and validity
Scientists say you can’t look at just some regions, need whole world
NASA site “proof” of warming is the Arctic…one area?
Some places are warming…but not all? Some are cooling?
Can we accurately measure ocean temperatures, today and historically?
How much of the ocean are we measuring, maybe 1%?
Direct causes of heat, like my car, my fireplace, my heated home
Is direct heat causing or responsible for any global warming?
RPOS, the person formerly known as AOC…
…beginning to get pushback from fellow Democrats
A festering wound for hopes of a Democrat Presidency?

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