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Scott Adams: Trusting Your Government in a Time of War

President Trump’s critics and supporters agree on one thing: Our new president has a history of “stretching” the truth whenever there is some advantage in doing so, and sometimes even when there is not. You might say he is famous for playing loose with the facts. We all expect a high degree of “hyperbole” from President Trump, to put it kindly. He gets away with it because barely-enough Americans believe his intentions are in line with America’s best interests.

The odd exception to our universal understanding of President Trump’s mode of operation is his claim that he is totally certain Assad was responsible for the chemical attack on his own people last week. The President’s critics and most of his supporters believe President Trump when he suggests that our military can track any plane in Syria and know what that plane did to whom.

Do you believe that?


all this stuff is lies


created to start a new war.. for the benefit of the globalist war profiteers. the Rothschilds and their American subsidiaries.

corporations stink

we have bad people in our government


the entire system is rotten to the core.. a corpocracy pretending it is a democracy.. sumthpin' has got to change.

corporations stink