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Senate Bill Seeks Aggressive Clamp Down On Chinese Tech Espionage

After top FBI officials testified before the Senate Judiciary Committee last month that Chinese espionage poses the "most severe" threat currently facing American security, and after greater scrutiny of major Chinese telecommunications that had before operated with seeming impunity in the US like Huawei Technologies Co. and ZTE Corp. — especially following the arrest of Huawei’s CFO Meng Wanzhou and others in Canada — senators are now proposing a bill to combat technology threats from China.

Senators Mark Warner and Marco Rubio are co-sponsoring legislation that seeks to counter the risk of state-sponsored technology theft by establishing an "Office of Critical Technologies and Security" overseen by the White House. The bill would add greater teeth and oversight to current Trump administration efforts to quash Chinese attempts at stealing technology secrets from US firms, which often also involves supply chain infiltration at foreign manufacturing sites, following a related bill signed into law last August which attempted to strengthen a panel that reviews foreign-based investments in the US for national security risks, but which was widely viewed as "watered down" when it came to China.

Mark Warner (D-VA) described, “It is clear that China is determined to use every tool in its arsenal to surpass the United States technologically and dominate us economically." Continuing his Friday statement, he said, "We need a whole-of-government technology strategy to protect U.S. competitiveness in emerging and dual-use technologies and address the Chinese threat."

And Rubio (R-FL) specified the China tech theft threat as follows:

China continues to conduct a coordinated assault on U.S. intellectual property, U.S. businesses, and our government networks and information with the full backing of the Chinese Communist Party.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

One has to wonder; is this really, absolutely going on, and do these Senators have irrefutable proof, or is this just another broad-stroke demonization of China, in order to justify a war against it?!?