Senate cites scruples, refuses to seat Blagojevich appointment | WHAT REALLY HAPPENED

Senate cites scruples, refuses to seat Blagojevich appointment

Blagojevich snubs Senate, taps Burris for seat
Chicago Breaking News | Chicago Tribune | Dec 30, 2008

"To not fill the vacancy would be to deprive the people of Illinois of their appropriate voice" in the U.S. Senate, Blagojevich said.

Senate President Harry Reid cried, "Oh! There go our approval ratings," stomped his feet, and ran out of the room with tears in his eyes when he heard the news.

Later a spokesman for the Senate President said Mr. Reid was recuperating from the horrible affront to his Senatorial scruples.

In other news, Israel intent upon genocide continues bombing Palestine. And federal government bailout dollars again enrich Wall Street's finest scum as GMAC LLC 7.25% NOTES rise 30% in one day due to a government bailout giveaway in the billions for the finance company. No comment was issued by the scrupulous and teary-eyed Senate President, Harry Reid, a multimillionaire with approval ratings even lower than Governor Blagojevich.