Sexual counter-revolution: how the "celibacy syndrome" is ruining the economy of Japan | WHAT REALLY HAPPENED

Sexual counter-revolution: how the "celibacy syndrome" is ruining the economy of Japan

The Japanese youth no longer wants to go on dates, get married and even have sex. This phenomenon, dubbed "celibacy syndrome", was recorded a few years ago, and the situation is only getting worse. A natural consequence of the "celibacy syndrome" — what a surprise! — reduction of fertility. In 2015 in Japan came to light one million eight thousand newborns, and one million three hundred two thousand old people died. Some simple calculations show that for the year the population decreased by almost 300 thousand people. According to demographic calculations, there will be 30 per cent less Japanese by mid-century... By the end of 2014, the debt of Japan has reached to 1.03 quadrillion yen. Quadrillion! A normal person need a dictionary to understand that we are talking about the one with 15 zeros. You can transfer this amount to more than the usual US dollars, but no relief will bring. Eight trillion 654 billion dollars too incredibly much. On top of all this amounts to 246 percent of GDP. Holders of Japanese bonds are Japanese residents. The country borrows from itself today, and her own citizens will have to pay, but tomorrow. The good news in all this history only one: while the service of the Japanese government debt is cheap... Japan is the third economy in the world, a key trading partner of the first two economies (USA and China) and many other States... some analysts believe the crisis will be bigger than what erupted in the Eurozone in the beginning of the current decade.