Sick green-psycho-stars want to kill your children | WHAT REALLY HAPPENED

Sick green-psycho-stars want to kill your children

Thank you 10:10. We could not have come up with better promotion to show how malignantly dangerous the totalitarian eco-fascist dark side of Green is. Send copies of this to your friends. Send them to your enemies!

10:10 produced a star studded sicko fantasy of what their real Christmas gift wish is for the world. When you can’t convince people with reason, mark anyone who disagrees, blow up their children.

Their true nature is so on display… softly, softly, quietly under the guise of “nice”: trick them, decieve them, say “No Pressure”, and then be judge, jury and executioner in gratuitous orgasmic revenge: press a button and see exploding blood and guts splat on the wall.

They used former-stars people who used to have some social standing (what were they thinking?). Gillian Anderson (x-files), Peter Crouch (footballer), David Ginola (a French footballer), Richard Curtis (film maker, eg Love Actually, Notting Hill), and Radiohead.