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The Smell of Defeat

On the other hand, in Iraq, a senior American military advisor adopted the view that it is high time for America to “declare” victory and immediately leave. Not only that, but he also revealed the tense relationship between Iraqi and American officers after the U.S. withdrawal from Iraqi cities on June 30. The American advisor believes that U.S. troops have by now become guests in Iraq, and they will have to leave soon because their presence is unjustifiable and it is not going to improve the performance of Iraqis.

Seemingly, the American military advisor fears the engagement of his troops anew in the daily bloody hubbub in Iraq pursuant to the mutually signed security pact. Perhaps he is right, from a humane point of view, to demand the American withdrawal after six years of fighting. Yet, how can he call on his country to claim victory? Doesn't the entire military scene smell like defeat?