Sometimes you drain the swamp & sometimes the swamp drains you | WHAT REALLY HAPPENED

Sometimes you drain the swamp & sometimes the swamp drains you

Trump sincerely thought that he could irreversibly effect significant long-term change to the way that America is run by “draining the swamp” that all of his supporters so deeply despise, but he ultimately lacked the strength time and again to take the decisive steps that were necessary in order to execute this grand strategic vision due to several important reasons that deserve to be discussed at length.


What Trump might have been told during his 24 hour disappearance


"Don, do you have any clue how much damage you did, arresting Epstein? His little blackmail boutique was 1 of the US's 3 pillars in getting foreign leaders play ball.

Dominion, how we elected them worldwide is the other, and now you want to bring down that too? With both pillars gone, there will be no more US Empire, Don, it will fall to the ground.

You know why it will? The Empire's last pillar is the Fed, which cooks the books to make it seem we still have a productive economy when we don't. Touch Dominion one more time, and I'll tell the Fed to stop, let the whole US economy collapse in 24 hours. You want to see widespread famine on US streets, you'll get it. Capisce?"

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