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StalkDaily: A New Twitter Virus on the Loose?

Network World is reporting a new Twitter virus has been making the rounds today. At best the virus will auto-tweet this message: "Hey everyone, join It's a site like Twitter but with pictures, videos and so much more." At worst, it may lock you out of your Twitter account as noted by Sheamus Bennett at Twittercism.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

WHOIS shows the domain as owned by "Private Registrant."

How does this happen? I was under the impression that ICANN rules required public identification of a domain owner. In fact one of our many detractors in Israel tried to have our domain declared invalid a couple years back because the whois record had an out-of-date phone number in it!

I want to know how it is that certain people are able to register domains without identifying themselves while the rest of us are required to provide full information.

Seems like a double standard at work here.