Syria evacuations resume after deadly bombing | WHAT REALLY HAPPENED

Syria evacuations resume after deadly bombing

Evacuations of thousands of besieged Syrians resumed on Wednesday with tight security in place after a weekend bombing against those leaving government-held areas killed dozens, including nearly 70 children.



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Good thingThe HotelMotelRestauraunt Manager and RealEstate Mogul


(*is bringing us the comfort of a security wall on our Sothernmost border , because then they'd be filthy freedom hating Muslims .
Much more Self Gratifying to read about Trump's misplaced victims .
So think about his Excellency's mortal sacrifice , on this subject , before you consider condescending name calling of The People's Choice , and biggest victim in the picture .)

RE: HotelMotelRestaurant Manager and Real Estate Mogul


(*People Of Syria; it may seem like dark times now , but think of the day you have your very own Zip Code like they have in Iraq, thanks to the Texas Oil Tycoon!
You'll do Even Better , once Trump builds his Resort , because , I can tell you , he thinks he's a nice guy , so you probably won't get a reduced rate , but , if I know my POTUS , like I Thought I Did , you're going to get 352 channels on the Flat Screen , including The Home Shopping Channel !
What's That ? You say you don't have a credit card ? Be Patient The Self Desribed Nicest Guy in The West , just got done professing his LOVE for Jannet Yellen , and he is , after all , A Master Of Making Deals , and somethimg tells me you've been cut IN on INSTANT CREDIT APPROVAL !
so RELAX , and just try to get through this , with us .)

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