Taliban Slowly Re-establishes Presence in Northern Kunduz Province | WHAT REALLY HAPPENED

Taliban Slowly Re-establishes Presence in Northern Kunduz Province

Northern Afghanistan has long been a forgotten portion of the nation. The home of the rebel Northern Alliance that largely became the Afghan government after the 2001 US invasion, the region didn’t have a terribly strong Taliban presence to begin with. Now, however, they seem to be rapidly establishing themselves in the small but key Kunduz Province.

Germans, who had been told their mission was purely humanitarian in nature, have been increasingly realizing their soldiers are involved in a war ever since a September air strike ordered by a German colonel killed over 100 people, mostly civilians.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

A "humanitarian mission" does not include the killing of 100 non-combatants.

This keeps happening over and over again in Afghanistan;The US and NATO will have a site selected where the "bad guys" are supposed to be hiding, then bomb the hell out of the place, killing and maiming anyone else who happened to be at absolutely the wrong place at the wrong time.

One of the lessons we should have learned from the Viet Nam war is that you cannot, absolutely cannot, win what is essentially a land war from the air. It cannot be done, period, end of discussion.

You do not win hearts and minds by killing innocent civilians.

So every time the US and NATO orders another hit, they simply drive those left standing into the arms of the Taliban.