TASERS & Those Who Approve of Their Use | WHAT REALLY HAPPENED

TASERS & Those Who Approve of Their Use

We must:

1. Get rid of NWO sell-out Police Chiefs and the political hacks who put them into office
2. Get rid of sadistic, abusive cops and see to it that they can't join another police department anywhere in the nation.
3. Stop recruiting cops from ex-military Special forces and from similar sadistic/brutalizing background training.
4. Stop accepting the federal dollar bribery of the local police force with equipment and training that is designed to turn them into NWO Robo Cops (with no allegiance to community or its citizens, but rather to the larger NWO police state agenda).
5. Get rid of, and declare a permanent BAN on TASER guns.
6. Change the police academy training curriculum to reflect humane treatment and to DISCOURAGE excessive, over-reactions and get rid of sadistic trainers.

This is how you create real and meaningful change, Tim. This is how you make a soup that is enjoyable and palatable to all: you change the ingredients. You don't complain about the fire or condemn the pot; you change the ingredients. It' simple.

Sincerely, Ken Adachi