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Thompson: Afghanistan war ‘already lost’

Fred Thompson, the actor and former Republican Senator, told listeners of his radio show Thursday that the war in Afghanistan is "already lost," and put the blame on President Barack Obama's delays in making a decision on a troop surge for the war effort.

Thompson's salvo "seem[s] to lay the groundwork for Republican opposition to further American engagement in Afghanistan," suggests Ben Smith at Politico, but the former presidential candidate's words have roiled some critics, who note that, during the Bush administration, Thompson was a fierce opponent of those who painted the war effort negatively.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Fred Thompson appears to be suffering from selective amnesia on this issue.

As late as August of 2001, the Bush administration was negotiating with the Taliban for pipeline routes, but the price was more than the Bush administration was willing to pay.

So the Bush administration, with enablers like Thompson, decided that a war would be "cheaper" than to continue these negotiations, and this is precisely what Thompson was championing during the previous administration.

I hope he winds up having to make that statement to the families and friends of those American military who have been killed or maimed in this colossal military misadventure that this was the "thinking" of the Bush administration on this.

The Bush administration refused to begin to think about starting with the number of troops on the ground which could possibly have successfully invaded and controlled Afghanistan (by some estimates, 500,000 troops would have been needed to achieve that.)

Instead, they put a relatively modest complement of troops on the ground here, and now the Taliban is back in a big way. US/NATO troops can barely hang on to the cities, let alone the countryside.

At this point, the only people "winning" are the drug dealers and the corporate providers of contract mercenary units.