Times Square bombing suspect's life had unraveled | WHAT REALLY HAPPENED

Times Square bombing suspect's life had unraveled

Webmaster's Commentary: 

If you look at this objectively, this guy wounds like a lot of Americans, losing his home, unable to find work, and angry at the US Government's wars based on lies.

Also, note what is ABSENT. There is no mention that he was a practicing Muslim. NO mention of a mosque, no mention of religion at all, yet FIX News as part of their war-hysteria, keeps referring to him as a Muslim terrorist.

My read is that Shahzad is another Joe Stack, who was forced to watch a lifetime of work dissolve before his eyes because the US Government destroyed the nation's economy, and Congress bet their own fortunes on the downfall. The media is trying to sell "terrorist" because they fear Americans understanding that their fellow Americans have reached the breaking point, and striking back at the bankers and the politicians is the nest logical step on the path to the collapse of the nation.