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Tony Heller: Greta Makes Earth As Hot As Venus

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In this short video, Greta does a simple science experiment which makes Earth as hot as Venus. In doing so, she clears up decades of misunderstanding created by Carl Sagan.


Colder air is denser air.


I learned in meteorology that colder air is denser, and therefore sinks; which accounts for the daily expansion of the troposphere, on-shore, off-shore winds, the mid-west thunderstorm storm fronts when colder, denser air, undercuts warmer, less dense air subject to dynamic cyclonic effect; and the polar vortex, a very cold, very dense air mass, which sweeps into the interior of the U.S. during winter. But, your graphic seems to suggest the opposite.

Perhaps this physical phenomenon your referring to, is a result of Grand Canyon topography, a deep incised canyon trapping air at the bottom that is subject to a 'heat island' effect within local geology, that cannot by physically dissipated by either lateral or vertical diffusion, an air mass capped by an inversion layer nearer the top of the canyon rim?

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