TRANSLATED: Pakistani Op-Ed: "the US is taking out its anger on us" | WHAT REALLY HAPPENED

TRANSLATED: Pakistani Op-Ed: "the US is taking out its anger on us"

...A flagrant violation of Pakistan's sovereignty, these strikes speak volumes about the Obama Administration's unilateralist policies and military adventurism resembling the situation in Afghanistan where thousands of civilians have been crushed to death so far, thanks to a joystick controlled thousands of miles away in the US and raining missiles on a hapless population. Since the first strike in Damodola back in 2006, countless Pakistani civilians have lost their lives. Just the previous year, reports have it that around 700 people were killed in 44 strikes, only five of which had hit actual targets. What the US falsely reports as militants' compounds usually turn out to be houses belonging to innocent families having no connection with extremists. Little wonder, in every attack the casualties include women and children. The ensuing frenzy and the desire to take vengeance is, therefore, understandable. It is a pity that in times like these Islamabad appears to be a Janus-faced figure, allegedly helping the CIA in locating the drone targets while publicly siding with the Pakistani public and protesting against them. To all intents and purposes, the US is taking out its anger on us. It has failed to subdue the resistance in Afghanistan. Indeed according to recent estimates, the Taliban have reclaimed more than 80 percent of the entire Afghan territory. To cover up its reverses, it has stepped up the attacks on Pakistan dubbing it as the centre of terrorist activity in the region. These strikes must stop if the region is to be prevented from witnessing further bloodshed and chaos....