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Triangulating an Asian conflict

Even as the media feverishly debates the paternity of the Republican vice-presidential candidate's granddaughter and the difficulties associated with sitting through an Obama speech without either dancing or dozing off, these important Asian stories are being relegated to the back pages. The first of these stories gets some coverage, but perhaps without any comprehensive analysis of its longer-term ramifications; the second and third are virtually missing from all media.

These stories are: firstly, the encirclement of Pakistan; secondly the resurgence of Han nationalism and thirdly the trend towards Hindu fanaticism.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Notice that there appears to be absolutely nothing in the corporate TV news-feeds about how Pakistan has sealed its supply routes to Afghanistan for the US and NATO in retaliation for a raid inside Pakistan last week?

The events going on in our world are complicated, but not reporting them will not make this country more safe.