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Trump’s Aggressions In Syria Will Have Long-Term Consequences

As I have noted in response to the latest U.S. government aggressions in the Middle East, Donald Trump’s short-sighted military actions in Syria are not based on rational thought but on emotionalism, his feeling terrible about the children and other innocent victims of the chemical attack in Syria this week. But this is purely selective emotionalism, given that he doesn’t seem so concerned about all the innocent victims of his own drone bombings that he has been authorizing since he was sworn in as President.

Trump is also not concerned for the probable long-term results of his warmongering now. History indicates that the situation will only get worse from here, as we have seen with Iraq.

And there are other examples of Trump’s selective emotionalism and concern for Syrians. For example, where is Trump’s concern for the innocent victims of the head-choppers and thousand-lashers in Saudi Arabia? Should he bomb the Royal Saudi King’s palace? What about the starving victims of Venezuela’s Maduro? Should Trump bomb Caracas? (But since when is U.S. foreign policy ever consistent?)

Webmaster's Commentary: 

What is most troubling to me, in Syria, is that it appears to be just a matter of time before Russia sends ground troops here, and Russia signalled its readiness to do so just yesterday:

Russia Ready To Send Ground Troops To Syria: FARS

US ground troops in combat with Russian ground troops in Syria?!?

I'm frankly not betting against this, at some near future point.