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Trump Hints at Tougher Punishment for Drug Dealers

U.S. President Donald Trump hinted at a much tougher policy toward drug dealers, during a White House summit on the nation's opioid crisis.

"Some countries have a tough penalty, the ultimate penalty, and they have much less of a drug problem than we do," Trump said at the Thursday event.

The comment appeared to be in line with a media report suggesting Trump is toying with the idea of supporting the death penalty for major drug trafficking offenses.

The report quoted an unnamed senior administration official who said the president often jokes about killing drug dealers.

"You know the Chinese and Filipinos don't have a drug problem. They just kill them," the senior administration official quoted Trump as saying.

During his event Thursday, Trump did not endorse the idea of the death penalty for drug traffickers.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Mr. President, a word here, please; has anyone in your administration mentioned the enormous success Portugal has had with its anti drug policy?!?

I hope someone who cares about any anti drug program introduced by his Administration being successful will mention this to President Trump.

Decriminalisation: the Portuguese Example

Portugal's Experiment with Drug decrminalization has been a Success

Portugal: what happened after the decriminalization of drugs, from Weed to Heroin

How to Win a War on Drugs

Mr. President, there is a smarter way to do this: and I think it is about damn well time, given the epic, and collossal failure of US drug policies so far, that we, as a country, need to learn from the successes of other countries with which have established a drug policy that actually works.


When is Obese Don.....

Ethan Allen and...

going to bust the CIA and the Pentagram for their dope dealing?
The US government is the biggest dope dealer in the world.
More hypocrisy from Fatboy! Without Due Process or Warrants to boot. This guy is going south fast!
I am ashamed to have voted for him.

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