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Trump must declassify more files, expose Hillary Clinton

According to experts, President Trump’s last days in office offer a final opportunity to declassify critical information on the Russia investigation that engulfed his lone term. He must declassify more documents and expose Hillary Clinton’s emails scandal as well as how the former first lady and Secretary of State was indulged into making tons of money by offering special favor to numerous foreign individuals, including some of America’s top enemies. The experts say, there are numerous evidences about Hillary Clinton’s immoral activities being the Secretary of State, where she and her intimate staffers were playing the role of mere lobbyists, which certainly were totally illegal and punishable offense.

From the declassified voluminous public records – including investigative reports from Special Counsel Robert Mueller, Congress and the Justice Department’s inspector general – have established that Trump and his associates were targeted with a baseless Russian collusion allegation. The fraudulent claim originated with the Hillary Clinton campaign, was fueled by a torrent of false or deceptive intelligence leaks, and was improperly investigated by the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), potentially to the point of being criminal. Despite these disclosures, key questions remain about the origins and the spread of the conspiracy theory.