Trump Regime Anti-Government Paramilitary Plot Uncovered in Venezuela | WHAT REALLY HAPPENED

Trump Regime Anti-Government Paramilitary Plot Uncovered in Venezuela

On Saturday, Venezuelan President Maduro announced the capture of a Colombian paramilitary head of a (Trump regime) plot to oust him by brute force. More on this below.

So far, everything Trump regime hardliners threw at Venezuela to topple its democratically elected government failed.

It notably includes continued efforts to turn the country’s military against President Maduro and Bolivarian governance – by pressure, false promises, perhaps threats and bribes.

It aims for gaining overwhelming popular opposition to Maduro, for acceptance of Guaido to replace him as interim president – despite nothing in Venezuela’s Constitution permitting the scheme.

Two false flags failed – notably the February 23 Trojan horse “humanitarian aid” PR stunt, fooling no one but establishment media, portraying out-of-date/unsafe to use food and meds as Trump regime concern for the welfare of ordinary Venezuelans it doesn’t give a hoot about.

The US March 7 cyberattack on the nation’s electricity grid, causing blackout in most of the country, failed to arouse public anger against Maduro as planned.

Plan C apparently involves using armed anti-government mercenaries to stoke violence in Caracas and other parts of the country, including likely attempts to assassinate Maduro – a plot similar to the 1980s Contra war.