Trump Shares Hilarious Video Mocking ‘Creepy Joe Biden’ | WHAT REALLY HAPPENED

Trump Shares Hilarious Video Mocking ‘Creepy Joe Biden’

President Trump on Thursday tweeted a video of Joe Biden discussing his unwanted touching of women, complete with edits of the vice president approaching himself from behind, grabbing his shoulders, and sniffing his hair.

It’s at least as hilarious as it is creepy, and no more creepy than some of the actual images of Biden engaged in the same behavior with a variety of women.

The fact that the President of the United States got such a good laugh after seeing it and felt the need to share with the rest of the world makes it even better.

Seven women have thus far accused Biden of inappropriately touching them and making them feel uncomfortable, a torrent that started with former Nevada Assemblywoman Lucy Flores who alleged the potential 2020 candidate inappropriately kissed her and smelled her hair.

Earlier this week, Biden released a video in which he vowed to “be more mindful about respecting personal space in the future.”