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Trump Trashes Mattis, Says "I Think I Could Have Been A Good General"

In his first Cabinet meeting of the new year, President Trump went off-script with reporters, slamming recently-departed Defense Secretary Jim "mad dog" Mattis, claiming he "essentially fired" the four-star general, who abruptly resigned last month.

Trashing Mattis' management of the Afghanistan war, Trump reminded reporters that Mattis had personally thanked him for helping secure $716 billion for national security in the current fiscal year. But then he quickly rebuked:

"What’s he done for me?” Trump said.

“How had he done in Afghanistan? Not too good.”

Adding that:

"I think I would have been a good general...but who knows.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

This is one of the most utterly tasteless, ill-conceived statements this President has ever uttered, and as we all know, is far from his first, consistently, and nearly pathologically, taking potshots at fired executives within his government.

So Mr. President,some words of wisdom; it would good for our country, at this point, if you could, please, try to contain your hubris, coupled with your outrage against people you recommended for serious high-level positions in the administration, then fired, somewhere other that twitter, or public events or addresses.

A diary would be a nice idea, perhaps, in a cuneiform that only you can read, which stays close to you at all times.

In closing, I would like to share the article indicating how much the people who served under Mattis, felt about him:

Mattis: the man, the myths, and the influential General's Deep bond with his marines.


2 words of wisdom about.....

Ethan Allen and...

Mad Dog Mattis.....Fallujah,Haditha!

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