Trump Tries to Play ‘Cowboys and Indians’ with International Treaties Signed with Native American Tribes | WHAT REALLY HAPPENED

Trump Tries to Play ‘Cowboys and Indians’ with International Treaties Signed with Native American Tribes

Donald Trump is attempting to do something that no previous recent president of the United States has attempted. Trump is trying to abrogate longstanding legal international treaties signed by some of his predecessors with sovereign Native American tribes. The Trump administration is using a requirement that Medicaid recipients work in return for health benefits to deny Native American tribes the right to govern themselves as sovereign entities. The Trump administration is denying an exemption for the work requirement for tribal nations by reclassifying Native Americans as a racial group subject to federal law, not as separate sovereign nations bound by distinct tribal laws.

Trump’s move against tribal sovereignty is part of the overall transformation of the Republican Party into a far-right Trump cult that advances racist policies. Trump has provided impetus to the marginalization of tribal sovereignty by repeatedly calling Massachusetts Democratic Senator Elizabeth Warren, who hails from Oklahoma, formerly known as the Indian Territory, by the racist pejorative, “Pocahontas.” The Republicans also engaged in voter suppression of Native American tribal members in North Dakota by requiring new anti-tribal identification cards in order to register to vote. The decision played a part in the defeat of Democratic Senator Heidi Heitkamp in her race for re-election in North Dakota.

Treaties signed between the United States government and sovereign Native tribes are protected in the US Constitution, a document that the Trump administration has relegated to the waste bin.

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This... is just insanely insulting to our First People, but damn near a criminal act by this administration.

President Trump, shame on you.


Any one who thinks that the.....

Ethan Allen and...

reservation are sovereign is delusional. Never have been. Reservations are always run by a clique beholden to Washington.
This is a pro democrat,pro deepstate article.A thinly disguised attack on Trump by the dems and their fellow travelers. More divide and conquer!

consider the source here


You Can Take The Gal Out Of Cal, But You Can't Take The Cal Out Of The Gal it seems

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