Turkey Will Keep Striking PKK in Northern Iraq | WHAT REALLY HAPPENED

Turkey Will Keep Striking PKK in Northern Iraq

Turkey’s foreign ministry has issued a statement this weekend rejecting Iraq’s demand that they stop carrying out airstrikes against Iraqi territory. They say airstrikes against PKK forces in northern Iraq will continue as a “national security issue for Turkey.”

Turkey’s military reported killing eight PKK members in northern Iraq in a strike Friday. Iraq responded by summoning the ambassador, and complaining it was a violation of sovereignty that endangers Iraqi citizens.

Turkey has been attacking PKK targets in Iraq virtually since the 2003 US invasion of Iraq, and has made repeated military targeting of them a priority. As Iraq moves beyond its wars, however, the government is under growing pressure to get foreign airstrikes to stop.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Iraq's military was completely gutted, throughout the US and the West's occupation of this country.

But we have a very interesting scenario which could happen here.

IF Turkey continues to reject both the US's and Iraq's demands to stop the bombing, is it possible, since Turkey "doesn't want to come to the table" about buying US weapons, that both NATO counties will find themselves at war?!?

Were I a betting person, I would not discard this possibility at all.