Turkish Army Occupies Several Regions in Afrin | WHAT REALLY HAPPENED

Turkish Army Occupies Several Regions in Afrin

The Turkish army and its affiliated militants gained control of several regions during the Operation Olive Branch against the Syrian Kurds in Afrin in Aleppo province. Field sources affiliated to the militants backed by Ankara reported that they have taken control of the villages of Korni and Shangal and the adjacent hills during clashes against Kurds in Rajou front in Afrin. They also claimed control over the village of Bak Ubasi near Shangal. Meantime, the Kurdish forces said that the Turkish army and its affiliated militants' attack on the village of Hamam in Jandariseh region has been foiled and they were forced to withdraw. In a relevant development on Wednesday, the Turkish army troops and their allied militants continued Operation Olive Branch against Kurds in Afrin region in Northwestern Aleppo and captured three more villages. Dissident-affiliated sources reported that forces of the Operation Olive Branch managed to capture the villages of Sati Yushaqin East of Syriatel hill in Rajou region after heavy fighting with the Kurdish fighters. The sources further claimed that the Turkish soldiers and allied militants pushed the Kurds away from the villages of al-Khalil and al-Hanah (Zaten). The sources said that Operation Olive Branch is underway in Rajou region, adding that the Kurdish positions on Jabal (mount) Barsaya and in Jabal Bafloun and the village of Arab Weiran came under attack by the Turkish army and affiliated militants.