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UK Gets Windows 7 Full Versions at Half Price, U.S. Pays double

I know some of u have heard this before, BUT now we have proof AND it pans out to be the truth UK half price OR YOU CAN say Americans are paying double. and yes this takes in to account the current rate of currency exchange.
US Price
UK Price

You know there was never anything stopping the US government, from doing the same as the UK & EU, other then political corruption and GREED! the UBER Rich do not care about you!

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The UK get cheaper copies of Windows 7

Usually on the short end of the stick when it comes to pricing, the UK finally have some good news to cheer about. The UK will be receiving special pricing on the Windows 7 that will make full versions of the software cheaper than the upgrade edition in the U.S. The U.S. is, meanwhile, left out for once.

A full version of Windows Home Premium -- not an upgrade edition -- will weigh in at £65 (57 percent off), while in the U.S. the upgrade version alone costs $120 (£72). In the U.S. the full version costs considerably more -- $200 (£122).

As the UK is part of the European Union, this pricing may be extended to other parts of the EU, but it is unknown if Microsoft will do so. The version will be the full copy of Windows 7 and include Internet Explorer 8, included thanks to a last minute deal with the EU to include a browser ballot screen.

The full version of Windows 7 is the only one that can legally be installed without a valid copy of Windows XP or Windows Vista, which you own. For the vast majority of consumers this is a non-issue, especially considering that nearly all new computers are shipping with free upgrades to Windows 7. Also, the U.S. did get a special pre-order on Windows Home Premium Upgrades that dropped the price to $50 (£30.5), the cheapest price of all -- though that price was for the upgrades only.

Microsoft has not commented on the price disparity and has yet to officially announce the UK pricing. The pricing was first noticed when units popped up for sale at for £65, and at for £75 plus free shipping.